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Offshore outsourcing has become the dominant means for business to employ services

In the ever increasing competitive environment of the emerging global market place there are compelling pressures on companies to perform better and at the same time minimize costs to enhance profitability. There is a desperate need to access resources globally to achieve a competitive edge.

Modern communication facilities have opened up opportunities to seek cost-effective solutions from countries such as India that have a vast pool of skilled, English-speaking work force available at low costs. “Offshore outsourcing”, that started as a cost-saving initiative in the early nineties, is now used as a strategic tool for business transformation by many leading multinational companies.

The imperatives for UK are no different from those for the rest of the developed world. Financial sector companies are facing even more pressures stemming from an increased regulatory burden, stakeholder pricing issues and low investment returns. Not unsurprisingly a number of well known financial companies in UK have established sizeable offshore operations in India. It is generally believed that companies save 30-40% costs over a few years and also enjoy significant
improvement in output and quality from their Indian operations.

Currently outsourcing activities are dominated mostly by big players on both sides - outsourcers and service providers. Smaller companies, though aware of the potential benefits, are generally inhibited by perceptions of loss of control, regulatory and operational risks etc. Wapeka aims at addressing those issues and filling the gap.